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Sarah’s Story

Always being a sensitive child it was not until I was 35 that my abilities showed in some strange and unexplainable experiences, and in more a powerful way, that was when I really started taking more notice.

I started having visions and messages which would be helpful and comforting to what was going on in my life at that time, experiences which went from the ending of a long-term 10 year relationship, a cancer scare, my own father dying of cancer and a huge change in my life’s circumstances, and all of this in the space of five months.

However it was during this period that I had some powerful experiences, and connections that I believe were from spirit.

White feathers constantly being in my life, including floating down at the bedside of my dying father, along with messages and visions which came true, only further convinced me that something truly beyond this realm, was occurring in my life.

It led me on a journey of looking into meditation, philosophy and counselling. However, it was the meditation that really resonated with me, and when a friend suggested I do a tarot course, I leapt at the chance, as I had already been giving mini Angel card readings to friends, and with good accuracy.

This opened doors for me where my true sixth sense abilities ramped up more. More courses followed and I found out I could do psychometry (holding objects like a watch and getting a reading from it about the person or owner it belonged to), as well as give accurate readings.

My desire to learn and understand who am I, why am I here, what is my life’s purpose, all put me on a path of understanding these things and what they meant to me. As well as doing a lot of emotional healing and clearing, in the aims of walking my talk.

It has resulted in me being so focused on the path and dedicated to it, that I cannot imagine not doing that which is, I believe my soul purpose. I read a quote once that said “True Enlightenment comes from serving others”.

Well it has been in sharing and connecting with others that I would say the true joy has come into my life. The amazing things we often co-create I believe is what will change and transform the world. We have to be the change we want to see in the world, Gandhi was right. Through your own self-healing and finding your own inner peace, authenticity and truth, you can learn to transcend pain and suffering and live a more meaningful and powerful existence.

If you have found me and feel drawn to having mentoring and life guidance sessions with me, then I see that as a heavenly connection, and one I am so honoured to have with you. I take nothing for granted, and I aim to live and work with love, truth, integrity and the highest and best of intentions for all concerned.

I have set up a page on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/soulevolvesarah – and through that portal I give words of wisdom and channelled messages, all you have to do is click the Like button to receive updates too.

Thank you. Peace and blessings
Sarah Page – Soul Evolve Mentor xxx