Living From Your True Essence

Living From Your True Essence

Spiritual and personal growth sessions

Communication with your Soul, and highest guides

Accurate clairvoyant and psychic readings

Helping you to live a life of greater potential, emotional mastery, joy, calm and soul-aligned living

Using psychic, clairvoyant and intuitive abilities, I connect with your Soul and your Divine Guides with the aim to help you on your path to greater self-empowerment, inspiration, self-belief, and self-healing.

Also to assist in helping you with any current life challenges that are occurring for you in your work, relationships and life in general, with the aims in assisting you access your own innate wisdom, soul voice and intuition.
With recommendation that with Mentoring, a series of sessions can be booked to help get the most benefit and on-going support, insight, guidance and transformation.

To find out more, please contact me to book now on 07462 627 416, email enquiries@soulevolve.co.uk or use the online form

Psychic Parties
How would you like a special gathering with your friends in your home, where I come and give each of you a Psychic, Clairvoyant reading, and I can provide a group introduction beforehand if desired?

Please contact me if you wish to know more details and tips on how to make the night a beautiful soulful experience.

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Sarah′s Story

Always being a sensitive child it was not until I was 35 that my abilities showed in some strange and unexplainable experiences, and in more a powerful way, that was when I really started taking more notice.

I started having visions and messages which would be helpful and comforting to what was going on in my life at that time, experiences which went from the ending of a long-term 10 year relationship, a cancer scare, my own father dying of cancer and a huge change in my life’s circumstances, and all of this in the space of five months… read more


Sarah has a very natural gift with her insights and heartfelt understanding, as to what is ‘truly’ happening in your life. Sarah has a very warm, friendly and trusting nature. This goes hand in hand with her wonderful ability to easily pinpoint what her clients need to know, at any given time to help them move forwards with trust and ease.

Jo - Birmingham

I only had a short reading with Sarah at a Psychic event, but I can’t believe how accurate she was. I came out from my reading like a new person. What a perfect reading. Thank you.

Emma - Birmingham

Dearest Sarah, thank you so much for the wonderful hour – it truly was inspirational and spot-on!! :0)

Simon - Cambridge


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